How to Make Your Home Kid Friendly During a Showing

While it is encouraged to not bring kids to a house showing, it happens. Babysitters can fall through and plans can change- so how can you make sure your home is kid-friendly?

Creating a kid-friendly space can help prevent accidents and mishaps that often come with kids visiting a house showing. Start with these tips:

1. Keep Clutter Away: Kids are often tempted to get into things if they are not being watched. Make sure that all the clutter that is reachable to them is either put higher or put away! This can remove the temptation to touch things or break anything.

2. Remove Plants: Potted plants have a tendency of getting knocked over and spilling dirt everywhere. Keep bigger plants tucked away from guests while you are showing!

3. Put Away Expensive Items: If you have any memorable or expensive art pieces, keep them in storage for showings. You do not want to have anything broken on accident, and kids can often make accidents happen!

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