Tips for a Winter Open House

In most areas, the winter may be the hardest time to sell a home. The cold weather outside does not mean that your open house should feel that way, however! With a few adjustments, you can still host a warm and inviting open house for your guests. Here are a few ways to make your open house welcoming and memorable during the winter months:

  • Turn the Fireplace into an Asset: The fireplace may never be on for summer open houses, but in the winter, it can be your most marketable asset! To create a warm  atmosphere, turn on the fireplace, and leave some goodie bags  near it for guests to grab.
  • No Holiday Decor: Too many holiday decorations can make it difficult for a guest to see themselves in the home, so keep it at a minimum. Stick to seasonal decorations if possible! 
  • Make the Foyer as Inviting as Possible: In this foyer, the little things matter the most! Skip the coat rack and opt for hangers in a closet instead. Leave a space heater nearby for guests to warm up with and offer shoe covers for guests to slip on. This can help you to avoid dirty shoes in the home or snow. The foyer is the first impression of the home, so make it count!
  • Keep the Food Seasonal: For a winter open house, you may need to change your food or beverage choices around. If you do offer food and beverages during an open house, consider offering a warm beverage bar for hot cocoa or tea. In addition to bottled water, offer snacks that do not have an ability to create a ton of crumbs, like cookies or chips. 
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