Selling Your Home in San Diego During the Holiday Season

Get a head start in listing your house now rather than waiting till 2014

Many people find it difficult to sell their home during the holiday season. When living in the San Diego area, you don’t have to worry about winter weather to give additional messiness to the situation. Don’t wait till the New Year, or take your San Diego real estate off the market during this holiday season.

According to an article on, listed below are 11 reasons in which you shouldn’t be concerned with selling your San Diego real estate during the holiday season.

  1. The ones who tend to go shopping for San Diego real estate during the holiday season are usually serious buyers.
  2. The market in which potential home buyers are looking through usually has home sellers take their home off of the listings. What this means for you is that there is less competition out there for your ho9use to possibly be sold.

  3. The demand for San Diego real estate is low. That being said, the supply of homes that are available will skyrocket when January 2014 hits, and there will be less of a demand for your home in particular. A decrease in demand ultimately means that your house will sell for less.
  4. When your home is dressed up and illuminated for the holiday season, San Diego Realtors have a better showing.
  5. Tis the season to be giving. During this period of time, homebuyers tend to be more passionate and more apt to buying. Homebuyers will look more to match the original price that you are offering.
  6. Many people receive more time off during the holiday season. That being said, this allows prospective homebuyers more time to get out there and look more frequently-even on the weekdays.
  7. People looking for San Diego real estate are more likely to buy before the end of 2013 due to tax issues.
  8. Employers are generally more likely to move in January. To take advantage of the market in January, employers traditionally will not wait until springtime, and it makes it very difficult to go home shopping during this process for prospective buyers.
  9. When you keep your San Diego real estate on the market, you could suspend the time of close or control the amount of showings you could provide, especially if you’re hosting the holiday celebrations.
  10. By selling the home in the holiday season, you could delay the closing and wait until 2014 to stretch out your occupancy
  11. You could be a non-contingent buyer for 2014 when the San Diego real estate could be less money. This will provide you with a bigger pool of opportunities and listings to look through as you become a home buyer.


By Linda Moore

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