Inexpensive Home Improvement Tips

Everybody likes a neat home, including Encinitas homes owners, but not everyone can afford a whole new rehab. However, if you’re the hands-on type, or working on a budget and want to give your house a sprucing-up (and maybe increase the resale value as well) here are a few tips that can save you thousands and increase the value of your home, all at the same time:

Tip #1: Refinish your Countertops/bathtubs/Showers

For those of you who have old granite or marble countertops, instead of replacing them because they look so old and worn, consider having a professional come in and re-finish them. Remember, all countertops of this material were polished and finished when they were new, and would look like dirty stone before this process. If yours have reverted back to their natural state, taking off the top layer will reveal the same beautiful marble or granite countertops that they once were. The same holds true for bathtubs: there are many services out there that will put a nice porcelain or resin finish on top of your dirty, stained ol’ bathtub, hiding cracks, stains, and scratches from years of use.

Tip #2: Refinish your Wood Floors

The wood floors in your Encinitas homes are durable, but years of abuse can warp, stain, scuff, and otherwise ruin your wood floors. And since many Encinitas homes are on the coast, humidity from the sea breeze can accelerate wood deterioration. One way to get that new-wood-floor look again is to have them refinished. Wood, just like stone, has a surface layer, and once sanded and refinished, can look like new again. Floor sanders can be rented from most large home hardware stores, and there are services that handle just this kind of work.

Tip #3: A little Landscaping Goes a Long Way

A nicely manicured yard can add thousands to the value, and appeal, of your home. Mulch and dirt can be acquired relatively cheaply, and fast-grow grass is an inexpensive substitute for new sod. Throw in some flowers and bushes, some strategically placed, decorative stones, maybe a brick pathway, and VOILA! A yard anyone could be proud of. All it takes is a couple shovels, a little hard work, or (who are we kidding?) a landscape crew.

Tip #4: Crown Molding

Crown molding is another high-ticket item, and adds value to any home. It has the ability to take a boring, mediocre room, and transform it into an elegant living space. If you want to stay on the cheap side, one-piece crown molding will still add a touch of class, and if price is no option, you could also put up 2,3, and even 4 or 5 piece molding with decorative corner pieces for an ultra-sophisticated (and ultra-expensive) look.

Tip #5: Cabinet Refinishing

If you have old, ugly kitchen cabinets, there is a way to avoid paying $30,000+ on new ones. Unscrew and remove the doors, take out the shelves, and get out the orbital/belt sander, because, as any wood product can be, a little bit of sanding, staining, and refinishing goes a long way. In some cases only the cabinet doors and front frame work of the main cabinet may need refinishing; in some cases, the interior will need it too…but either way, setting a goal for yourself of one cabinet space per week is a great cost effective way of refreshing your old cabinets on the cheap.

We hope you found some value from these home improvement tips, and remember, whether you plan on selling your home or just want to fix it up, there is usually a cost-efficient alternative available, but more often than not, it requires your hard work to accomplish, so have fun fixing up your Encinitas homes!

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