Prepare for Emergencies in Encinitas Homes

Living in Encinitas homes on the coast of California, or for that matter, anywhere in California, consists of fair weather and sunshine 95% of the time. Sometimes, however, emergencies happen, and it is important to be prepared should such an event occur. Sometimes a small investment in some emergency supplies can pay off in spades should they be needed. If you are lacking any emergency preparation, here are some tips to ensure that a minor emergency doesn’t turn into a disaster larger than it needs to be:

Emergency Kit

A basic kit involves an emergency blanket, flares, a pocket knife, a granola bar, a bottle of water, Band-Aids, etc. Living in California in your Encinitas homes, you may want to tailor your kit for your particular area. Encinitas homes can be right on the coastline-an area that may occasionally experience hurricanes, so make sure your kit is prepared in case one happens. It does not necessarily have to be a compact kit, but one that you can keep in a box in your basement, just in case. On the coast, you may need: an inflatable raft or boat for floods and hurricanes, a paddle to use with it (even an inflatable mattress can serve the purpose), an escape ladder in case of wildfires, a fire extinguisher (all homes should have this anyway), canned foods and bottled water (make sure to have enough to last several days), a can opener, a gas powered generator, extra clothes, a flashlight, as well as bandages and astringent.

Rescue Supplies

A whistle, flare gun, prepaid cell phone, and battery operated radio are all you need to ensure that you have the best possible opportunity to either signal for help, or call for help if you are stranded. Remember all those people waiting for days on their roofs in Louisiana? That could be you.

Important Documents and Information

Have you ever been working on the computer, only to have a power surge cut your power, and because you forgot to save, you lost all your hard work? Just imagine what a flood can do to documents left in your file cabinet in the basement of your home. To prevent such a catastrophe, make sure to keep important document on the upper levels of your home, or ideally, in a waterproof safe or file cabinet. Often, these specialty containers are also fire proof, giving your most important documents the safety they require.


You may not realize it, but readily available cash, or the absence of it, can often prove to be the saving grace in a disaster. If there is a power outage, businesses won’t process your credit cards. And should you need supplies or other help, cash is a valuable bargaining chip.

Remember, it does not matter where you live, each region has its own pitfalls and hazards, even in the fairest weathered states like California. It may seem like a waste of time and money now, but when an emergency arises (and statistically, one will eventually), it will seem like the best investment you’ve ever made.

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