Listen to My Appearance on The Craig Sewing Show!


Last week I had the pleasure to appear on The Craig Sewing Show again, this time addressing Craig’s questions about the current state of the market, discussing how real estate marketing plays a role in sales, and giving a preview of some of my hot new listings. Craig’s shows are always interesting and fun to do. He really has his thumb on the pulse of the housing market, as well as all aspects of the changing economy.

It’s all about interest rates and inventory

One of the topics I brought up on the show was how important interest rates and inventory levels are in the housing market. Actually, the current state of affairs is a double-whammy of sorts, where both inventories and interest rates are quite low. Typically, either one of those situations could beef up housing demand and stimulate the real estate market. In this case, attractive rates bring many shoppers onboard, while low inventories make for a brisk sales climate. It’s actually a win-win situation, where both sellers and buyers can come out with what they want.

Location, yes, but ‘preparation’ is also a key

Another topic Craig and I touched upon was the idea of preparation. When listing a home, it is vitally important to work social media, use professional photos, get the word out well in advance of a showing, and make sure the property is in its absolute best condition. That’s one of the reasons I maintain this website! When I list a home, I want interested parties to know as much as about it as they can.

Anyone in the market for a home should be as prepared as we professionals are. One way you can do that is by getting all your financial data ready before you start looking at houses. Another thing you can do is to tell your real estate professional exactly what you are looking for, including all your “deal-breakers” and “must-haves” in your description. That way, you won’t waste time viewing properties that aren’t a good match for your desires.

I always enjoy my visits to the set of The Craig Sewing Show, so be sure to listen via the link above and stay up to date on today’s vibrant marketplace.






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