Simple Tips on How to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is extremely important when attempting to sell a home. You want a potential buyer to drive up to the house and automatically feel at home even before they step inside. There is no chance of this happening if the paint on the front door is faded or peeling and there is no clear walkway up to the front door in sight.

I found a great article that gives some very simple tips on how to improve your curb appeal exponentially. These tips are so simple that you can get started on them right now and get them done quickly if you are crunched for time.

First tip: Try getting a new door. A new panel design can do wonders for the look of the front of the house. You can also try a new color. Bold colors can draw the eye in and set your home apart from all the surrounding ones on your street. If you choose to stick to the color you have now still give it a fresh coat of paint because that simple step can make all the difference.

Second tip: Try updating all the hardware surround your entrance area such as door knockers and handles. Get a new mailbox along with new house numbers to match the rest of the improvements so there is a consistent style throughout. Replace all the damaged or broken items such as flickering or broken light bulbs. Maybe even replace the light fixtures themselves and add some eye catching decorations that are seasonally themed.

Third tip: Lay an entirely new walkway/path up to your front door. Use some of the sleek new options such as flagstone or smooth gravel. Also, illuminate the walkway with some solar lights. They are inexpensive since they use solar power and we have no shortage of that here in California.

Fourth tip: If you are tight on time or on budget then just do a bit of light landscaping yourself. Trim the bushes and keep the grass uniform. Plant a few flowers for color here and there.

Additional tip straight from me: Don’t stop at painting or replacing your front door. Do the same for your garage door. I cannot put into words how big of a difference a freshly painted garage door can make.

Click here to see the original article which also includes some Pinterest links to help you visualize what your front yard can look like:


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