Matching Colors/Themes in Your Encinitas Home

If you have bought one of the many beautiful homes in Encinitas, either from me or not, then you are probably well on your way in decorating the house to make it more homely to your liking. Today, I would like to share some tips on making your home in Encinitas a joy to look at by making sure everything flows together from room to room.

It’s no surprise to someone who just bought a house in Encinitas that you want to make the first impression a lasting one when you have guests, family, and friends over. The best way to make your home look like a home is to have matching colors, patterns, and an overall theme representing said colors and patterns for each room. You will want to have some variety from room to room, but that doesn’t mean going over the top with outlandish colors or patterns.

Try using vertical stripes instead of horizontal ones in your living room or family room. This will accentuate the length of the room and make it seem like it’s taller than it is. Get a base color for the room, and have supplemental colors for alternating stripes, but remember to have accessories around the room that match the other colors in the stripes. You’ll want to liven up your living areas, but don’t be too overly decorative. Too many accessories can be quite tacky, so use moderation when you can.

Your kitchen is your workspace for meal preparations, but that doesn’t mean it should be all business. Try a country-home themed approach in your kitchen. Stick to whites and reds for your color scheme, try a checkered pattern for your drapes by the windows, and maybe browse through some antique shops in Encinitas for some old-time cookware or other items to place on shelves or counters in your kitchen. This will give a more homely feel to your vivacious workspace once dinnertime comes along!

Bathrooms can be modest, and with a few minor accessories it can really be quite charming. Try a global theme or a specific country you and your family have visited in each bathroom. An Asian theme can have small photographs of the countryside or of statues, and a decorative fan can be spread out above them. Perhaps an Italian theme for another bathroom with pictures of the Colosseum at nighttime and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Try and make each bathroom have a general theme, then modify each to reflect that theme. Don’t make the bathrooms too overcome with statues, figurines, and pictures as that can easily make these small enough bathrooms seem overly crowded and a lot smaller than they really are.

Your bedrooms will have a lot of space eaten up by dressers, amours, vanities, and other pieces of furniture. You can take advantage of wall space in your bedrooms with paintings of landscapes; maybe even some local art of the beaches in Encinitas. Since your home is in Encinitas, a good idea would be to make all the bedrooms a beach theme! Try soft and light blues and whites for the color scheme, use light fabrics for the drapes and curtains with matching colors, and browse art shops and art galleries in Encinitas for some beach portraits.

I wish you luck in decorating your new home. If you are looking to buy an Encinitas house, be sure to contact me through my website to see all kinds of beach front and local homes throughout beautiful North County!

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