Moonlight Beach in Encinitas

Have you heard the news about the best beach in Encinitas, Moonlight Beach, and their new national award? Moonlight Beach was just named one of the best restored beaches in America by the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association for 2011! This award should be no surprise to those of you who own Encinitas houses and frequent Moonlight Beach in downtown Encinitas. It is one of the most beautiful, family friendly and serene beaches in Southern California, and now it is getting national attention!

Moonlight Beach received this award based on the fun and exciting activities to do for people of all ages. It is the best place to learn how to surf thanks to its gentle yet manageable waves making it a perfect place for beginners and for seasoned veterans to sharpen their skills. There always seems to be a yoga class taking place at Moonlight Beach, or just regular folks practicing yoga on the beach themselves! Joggers and runners love the scenery while they do their daily exercises, and families love swimming and playing on the beach as well! If you live in Encinitas and haven’t yet been to Moonlight Beach, make sure to get out of your Encinitas house this summer and check out this award winning beach in Encinitas!

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