Good Landscaping Helps Sell Encinitas Homes

What is the first thing a potential home buyer sees when considering buying your Encinitas house? The pool in the backyard? Your enormous master bedroom with plenty of ceiling space? Your foyer with the beautiful chandelier and winding staircase? The entertainment room that is perfect for families with small children? No, the first thing a home buyer will see is your yard, and having a plain yard or worse yet an unkempt lawn is the first warning sign that will turn a potential buyer into a missed sale.

Landscape projects are a quick way to not only add value to your Encinitas house, but it is also a great selling point since it is the very first thing a home buyer sees when they pull up to your house for a visit and walkthrough. I tell my clients all the time to make sure their yards are in good shape and if they can, spring for a landscape project to get their house looking fabulous from the outside. I even have some landscape companies in Encinitas I recommend, or if you have time just head to a hardware store or flower shop in town and do it yourself! Either way, having a good landscape project at your Encinitas house is the first step in making sure you sell your house. Trying to sell a house with a lawn that is in disarray is like trying to sell a car without getting it washed and waxed first. First impressions make a huge difference when selling an Encinitas house, so make sure your lawn is in good order before you try to sell your house.

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