Nurseries in Encinitas

Gardening can be a great way to start a new hobby, ease stress away, and add some color and beauty to your house, whether you decorate your backyard or the front. A well-designed and well-maintained garden can not only be your escape to solitude, but it can also add value to your house if you decide to sell it on the Encinitas real estate market or Carlsbad real estate market. In case you are starting up a new garden in your home or yard, or you would like to add to your current garden, make sure to give some of these local businesses a chance to provide you with everything you need-this side of Mary Mary quite contrary!-to make your garden grow.

Sunshine Gardens
(760) 736-3244

Quality and service are always in season at Sunshine Gardens. Located in the heart of Encinitas, they’re open 7 days a week to help you with anything you need to make your garden beautiful. From bigger plants like trees and shrubs all the way to seeds, you can either have your garden bursting with colors and plants or wait for nature to take its course from the start. Plant citrus or vegetables in your garden, or browse their countless potted plants and house plants. Whatever you need to make your garden resemble your wishes, even consulting to plan your garden’s layout, take all your questions and concerns to Sunshine Gardens and they’ll be happy to help!

Anderson’s La Costa Nursery
(760) 753-3153

If a simple garden just won’t cut it, Anderson’s La Costa Nursery is home to your local professionals to design and plan your dream garden and make it into a living paradise. Palm trees, native plants, water plants, and bedding plants are aplenty and their selection is one of the largest in the area. If plants and trees won’t suffice, they have over 200 fountains as well as statues, pottery, and benches to add decorations to your garden. Fertilizers, soil and insecticides are available as well to maintain and upkeep your garden throughout the year. Visit their nursery in Encinitas any day of the week and turn your ordinary garden into a luscious paradise right in your backyard.

Cordova Gardens
(760) 944-6984

Encinitas’ largest selection of fountains, bird baths, and statues are found at Cordova Gardens, but have so much more to offer to design your garden. Their large selection of indoor and outdoor plants is there for you to browse. In case you’re designing an indoor garden they have a wide variety of indoor tropicals and blooming plants, and for the outdoor gardens they have plenty of outdoor foliage and blooming plants. Visit Cordova Gardens from Monday through Sunday to see the largest assortment of lawn and garden accessories to add more than just plants and flowers to your garden.

Ganter Nursery
(760) 758-8375

One of the oldest nurseries in San Diego County is in Vista at Ganter Nursery. Home to retail and wholesale plants, trees, and accessories, you can be sure you’ll find the best bang for your buck here. Grow your own fresh produce by planting one of their fruit trees, or plant rose bushes for a beautiful array of red flowers. They have an assortment of drought tolerant plants as well to combat anything nature can throw at them. If you have a pond in mind for your garden, they have plenty of pond supplies to make sure yours is just perfect. Make sure to check out their fountains, pottery, and bird baths as well to add more accessories to the yard. Give them a call today and make sure to ask about discounts for seniors, increased quantity, and have your ordered delivered. Ganter Nursery is open 7 days a week and they’re backed by nearly 30 years of experience serving San Diego County.

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