Tips for Planning a Holiday Party this Year

We are getting ever closer to Christmas and if you are planning on hosting a holiday party this year at your Encinitas house, here are some last minute tips to make sure your holiday party is a fun and memorable one. There is no real handbook to planning a holiday party, and I am sure you have plenty of activities and ideas all prepared. In case you need some last minute tips, here are some ideas for bringing out the best in your holiday party.

  1. Theme for Your Holiday Party: Do you have a theme planned for your holiday party? Everyone has one of those gaudy Christmas sweaters hidden in the back of their closet, so why not host an ugly Christmas sweater party? Maybe have a red and green attire only dress code, or encourage everyone to bring the tackiest Christmas accessories! Dressing up in Christmas attire is a great way to lighten up the mood at your holiday party this year
  2. Choose Your Guests Wisely: Make sure to contemplate guest lists and decide whether or not children are welcome and who to invite or not to invite. Also find out if any of your single friends are bringing dates or not so you have an accurate head count for plenty of food and drinks.
  3. Appropriate Parking: Maybe it won’t be such a good idea to host a holiday party if you will not have enough parking spots to accommodate your guests. Make sure to contact the proper authorities about anyone leaving their car on the street in front of your Encinitas house, and that your neighbors are aware of any cars on the block belonging to your guests.
  4. Be a Good Host: Remember to relax and enjoy your party too. Do not be uptight about cleanliness or details and just enjoy the party with your guests. Make sure to greet everyone at the party and be sure everyone has enough to eat and drink. This also means being prepared with enough food and drinks, which is why establishing an accurate headcount beforehand is crucial.
  5. Match Your Drinks with Your Guests: You will need to decide whether or not alcohol is appropriate at your holiday party. Basically, know your guests and be sure not to out drink your guests. Keep control over your drinking and keep an eye on your guests too.
  6. Don’t Force Games: There is no need to force any holiday themed games or ice breaking games on your guests. If the idea is brought up and everyone is encouraged, then by all means have fun! But don’t think you have to have litany of games prepared, because you don’t want to put your guests in an awkward situation.
  7. Have Fun!

If you are planning a holiday party, just be sure to have everything prepared. Planning a holiday party sounds difficult, but with enough preparation, planning a holiday party can be a breeze. So grab your favorite Christmas sweater, put up the lights at your house in Encinitas,  turn up the volume of your Christmas songs, and Deck the Halls with your holiday party this year!

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