Eight Strange Real Estate Tips and Facts

How was everyone’s weekend? I hope you were able to spend a lot of time resting and relaxing. Monday has come and now we must face the work week. Here is a little distraction from the Monday mayhem: this article I found contains some very interesting yet extremely random findings collected by Zillow’s CEO Spencer Rascoff.

Check some of these weird facts and tips:

  • The Starbucks Effect is something that happens to the price of the average house in the U.S. if it is close by to a Starbucks versus one not close to a Starbucks. In 1997, it was observed that the average house close to a Starbucks sold at $137,000 while the same house not close to a Starbucks sold for only $102,000. As fifteen years went by the average home price went up by 65% at $168,000 while properties near a Starbucks went up 96% at $269,000. Can you believe that?
  • Using words such as “unique”, “TLC”, “investment”, or “potential” in description sections could bring down sales prices by as much as 7% percent. Try to avoid using those words and instead use words like “luxurious” for bottom-tier homes and “captivating” for top-tier homes which could add around 8.2% onto your sale price.
  • Apparently three sevens in a row is an unlucky number because houses with an address that is 777 sell for 2.1% less than the original estimated value. Little weird, no?
  • Listing the price of your home with a 9 in the thousands digit such as $550,000 versus $549,000 could cause your house to sell 4 days to a full week faster.
  • Female agents tend to sell homes faster and for high prices. Now no offense to men, but women sure can get the job done, can’t they?

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