Big Breakfast and Lunch at Potato Shack Cafe

Fill up at Potato Shack Cafe on one of their huge breakfasts or lunches the next time you are hungry and looking for a restaurant in Encinitas. The Potato Shack Cafe are known for their potatoes of course, as well as their manhole cover pancakes, walnut pancakes, enormous omelets, and their fresh cut all you can eat fries. This restaurant in Old Town Encinitas is a local favorite for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week with an extra kitchen opened for busy weekends.

When you come to Potato Shack Cafe in Encinitas, you can read the daily paper while you wait for your seat, and kids can play with a Mr. Potato Head or color while the meals are cooked. There is plenty of seating inside, and there are a few tables on the sidewalk for outdoor seating where dogs are definitely welcome to join you. They only accept cash, but there is an ATM at the restaurant if you need one. If you have a large party, feel free to call ahead but they normally do not take reservations at Potato Shack Cafe.

The best breakfast in Encinitas is at the Potato Shack Cafe, especially if you have a hearty appetite. Potato Shack Cafe is an Encinitas favorite and is a perfect place to recover in the morning with a huge and delicious breakfast. Next time you want a breakfast but a bowl of cereal at your Encinitas home just won’t cut it, start your morning or afternoon off right at Potato Shack Cafe in Encinitas!

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