Protect Your Encinitas House Against Bugs

It is summer here in Encinitas and a lot of people like you are prepping their Encinitas house for summer barbeques, graduation parties or just get-togethers. After you get your house cleaned up and all your patio furniture out on your deck, you just need to make sure to keep unwanted visitors from ruining your outdoor parties. No, I am not talking about your cousin who embarrasses you or your one friend who always has something bad to say about your potato salad. I am talking about pesky bugs like ants, wasps and mosquitoes.

Have you ever been to a party at someone elses house in Encinitas or anywhere where bugs just completely take over the party? Everyone always complains about them, you hear people constantly slapping bugs on their legs or arms and the party just kind of lags because of these unwanted guests. Well I want to give my real estate tip today on preventing bugs at your Encinitas house for your summer parties so that these kinds of guests do not ruin a good time.

Preventing bugs at your Encinitas house is easy with a few helpful tips. Some of these ways to prevent bugs are homemade remedies and some require drastic measures. I will go through each of the pesky bugs one by one and give some great ways to prevent bugs from ruining your summer parties at your Encinitas house.

Mosquitoes: These little fellas are by far the peskiest of summer guests to invade a party at your Encinitas house. Besides having citronella candles or torches around your deck and having people apply bug spray, the best way to prevent mosquitoes is a good defense. Try to keep standing water at a minimum, try not to wear too much perfume which will attract mosquitoes, and keep your birdbaths clean if you have any near your deck or where your party will take place.

Ants: A great remedy for preventing ants is by feeding them one of their favorite, yet dangerous, foods. Cornmeal is something that ants love and they will eat it up. However, these ants do not realize that cornmeal will cause them a quick death. All you need to do if you have an ant problem is to sprinkle cornmeal in problem areas, and the ants will bring the cornmeal back to their nest where they will eat it yet not be able to digest it.

Wasps: While bees pretty much keep to themselves unless you invade their hive, they are good for your flowers and plants so keeping bees around is a good thing for your garden. Wasps on the other hand will sting and sting and sting. They’re stingers also leave a poison in you that attract MORE wasps! The way to eliminate wasps at your Encinitas house altogether is to find the nest and spray it with wasp spray. Your other best offense is a good defense so keep your meals covered outside, cover trash cans and you can even use trickery to keep wasps away. Wasps won’t come into your yard if they think other wasps are there. A good way to trick them is to “make” your own wasp nest. Fill a brown paper shopping bag with newspaper and hang it from a tree.

Keeping bugs from your parties this summer can be tricky, but taking these steps will make sure your guests will be more focused on the party and the host (YOU!) and not on the bugs!

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