Tips for Organizing your Encinitas Home

Garage space is important in your Encinitas Home, especially if you are trying to sell. Having a clean, organized garage will make it look bigger and more attractive to buyers, and can add a lot of value onto your home. Follow these easy tips from Linda Moore to make your garage look like it could be in a magazine.

  • Safety First: Make sure flammable and toxic chemicals are stored away from children and anything that could start a fire, preferably in a locked cabinet. Remember that propane tanks should never be stored inside, and make sure anything hanging on or leaning against the wall is secure and won’t fall over. Also, make sure your doors and windows have good locks, and your smoke detectors are functioning properly.
  • Avoid using the garage as long-term storage. First sell, give away, or throw away as much as you can. Then store the rest in the attic. If you have exposed rafters in your garage, get some plywood to turn that space into an attic. If you have even more stuff, consider renting a storage unit.
  • Make use of shelves and take advantage of vertical space. Leave nothing sitting free on the floor (except your car, of course!). Use storage bins to ensure the shelves themselves stay organized.
  • For tools, use a pegboard or wall hooks to hang them up. It can be helpful to outline them or label their spots so that you can easily identify which tools are missing, if any.
  • Need to organize screws, nuts, and bolts? Try using a tackle box, or mason jars.

Using these tips, you can take a weekend and make the garage in your Encinitas home more organized than it’s ever been. Those looking to buy your Encinitas home will love having a clean, organized garage, and make an offer that much quicker.

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