Last Quarter Great Time to Buy Encinitas Homes

I know you have heard it before, NOW is a great time to buy Encinitas homes, but data continues to suggest that buying Encinitas homes, especially in the last quarter of 2012, is a wise decision if you can afford it.

So what makes the last quarter of 2012 so much different than the rest of 2012 when it comes to homes for sale in Encinitas? Primarily this has to do with the time of year and the continuing low interest rates.

Inventory on Encinitas homes for sale dropped by about 10% in the month of September, with approximately 40 homes being sold in Encinitas. About 100 single-family detached homes are currently on the market in Encinitas, and this does not count the number of condominiums and other types of real estate available.

Typically during the winter months there is a decrease in seasonal buyers looking for homes, which makes it the optimum time to find the home that you are looking for. Sellers that are invested in selling their home are more receptive to offers during this time. Add to that the fact that interest rates remain low, hovering around 3.5%, and this makes it a great time to buy a home.

The best thing that you can do in the last quarter of the year is schedule a few viewings with a real estate agent in Encinitas and see what the market has to offer you. In this way you will be able to find out for yourself if now really is the best time to purchase a home in Encinitas.

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