New Real Estate Marketing Strategy Administered by San Diego Union-Times


According to a press release distributed Wednesday morning, the San Diego Union-Times has input a new marketing program to assist consumers and real estate agents alike with a chance for lucrative situations.

U-T San Diego has spring boarded the program called Union – Times Certified Real Estate Services to associate clients to connect with top-notch real estates that will establish a host of benefits in marketing tools to enable more home sales.

Not only does this weave out real estate agents that can’t gauge the correct direction the client is going for, but it will make the process more simplified for the consumer – who is looking for the most reputable San Diego Realtor.

“We are very excited to launch the U-T Certified Real Estate Services,” said U-T San Diego’s President and Chief Operating Officer in the press release. “We believe it is a game changer in terms of bringing together top real estate professionals and consumers in the San Diego County Market.

“This program is the first of its kind in the media or real estate industry and helps solidify U-T San Diego’s position as a multimedia platform innovator.”

The design of this new service finds puts together a screening procedure that has the information and experience level of the real estate agents. U-T Certified also guarantees that extensive exposure is given through the avenues of media that that the Union-Tribune has at their disposal, i.e. online, print and television ads.

San Diego Realtors, for dependable service, must be verified that they are affiliated with an active real estate brokerage office, has sales activity that is recent, a clean record with the California Department of Real Estate and a background check.

This helps homebuyers eliminate the tedious process of research real estate agents. They did this by working with the scores of consumers and agents to develop the program. While it helps homebuyers, it also bolsters business opportunities for San Diego Realtors and provides them room to grow.

The program also will help San Diego Realtors receive lead generation opportunities so they could help customers with competitive escrow payment options.

The best agents will garner more business opportunities which gives them the qualification and the success customers need to entrust someone with the sale of their San Diego real estate.

By Linda Moore

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