Another Real Estate Tip from Coldwell Banker Encinitas

For the past month on my Coldwell Banker Encinitas blog, I have been discussing a few key real estate tips and trends for both home buyers and home sellers in the Encinitas area. To continue with the blog posts this week I would like to cover the concept and development of combined live and work environments where home based entrepreneurs can enjoy the best of both worlds in shared space. Many of our parents will no doubt recall the local dress maker, grocer or florist who occupied space in a residence directly above their place of business. As the workforce moved to transitioned office complexes, and factories moved their labor overseas the artistic community grafted on to the loft spaces that remained in many cities converting them into galleries and living space. The concept has since been modernized and broadened to include a wide variety of business which include many medical, dental, law and architectural firms. As corporations shift to teleworking as a means of reducing their brick and mortar footprint the hybrid of office space and residential living is again on the rise. Developers are now realizing the convenience and potential for these non traditional living spaces. Buyers who are engaged in these professions as well as individuals who spend spend a majority of their work time traveling to clients are prime candidates for this hybrid housing type. Zoning, construction and retro fitting all play a factor, as most units require separation of business and residential areas, this is a great option for a buyer who is comfortable trading suburban locations for more urban environments. The location of many of these developments is generally proximate to transportation hubs, restaurants, culture and nightlife which may add to the appeal for the needs of a younger demographic, although this alternative remains a good solution to a wide variety of individuals seeking to enhance their ability to reduce time spent commuting and balance life work needs.

Coldwell Banker Encinitas Realtor Linda Moore offers unique alternatives to her clients that are seeking to balance work and personal needs. Her ability to explore non traditional forms of housing designed to serve these needs is uniquely paired with her knowledge of real estate and cultural trends in the San Diego Area.

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