8 Incredible Bookends to Adorn Your Shelves

If you love books, you probably have shelves of them at home. Why not add a little flair to your home? By adding a pair of whimsical bookends, you bring even more attention to your incredible literary collection! So go ahead and add a touch of your personality to your personal library with one of these gorgeous bookends!

  • Vinyl Record Bookends

This gorgeous pair of bookends are made form recycled vinyl records! Show off your love of music with these unique shelf additions. Choose from four genres: rock, soul, 80s pop, and country.

  • Forest Bookends

This stunning pair of wooden bookends looks like a lush forest. Personalize them with characters or scenes from pop culture shows, movies, and books.

  • Teal Agate Bookends

Agates are breathtaking rocks made of finely grained microcrystalline quartz. These bookends are made from two halves of a lovely teal agate. The best part? Each order is unique because no two agates look the same!

  • Golden Gate Bridge Bookends

Live in California or do you simply miss home? This pair of red bookends perfectly capture the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Iron Bird Bookends

This pair of bookends are unlike any other! Made from blue green iron, these gorgeous birds are sure to add whimsy to any shelf or mantle.

  • Star Wars AT-AT Bookends

Do you or someone you know love Star Wars? This gorgeous digitally sculptured AT-AT holds your books up and looks amazing!

  • Decorative Script Bookends

This lovely decorative pair of bookends features the saying “So many books, so little time.” For added personalization, choose the color you’d like and make your shelf colorful or minimalist with neutral colors.

  • Black Cat Bookends

This adorable black cat guards your books from peril! If you love cats, consider this amazing pair of laser-cut bookends. Is there any better pair than books and cats?

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