Repurpose Your Unused Living Room

Have you been noticing the drastic decline of the living room in your home? It’s true that just a few years back, the best-selling floor plans used to include a formal living room but that has seemingly changed because the way that people and families interact in the home are different than they used to be. The term “living room” was first originated in the late nineteenth or twentieth century as a place to sit with guests and formally socialize. But now this space has turned into something of a furniture museum in most family homes. People tend to congregate in kitchen areas, the backyard, or game rooms. More and more families are not as interested in designated and formal spaces but are, rather, more interested in an open floor plan with a lot of flexibility. Adults and kids are spending more and more time on mobile and personal devices than before meaning that the television isn’t the centerpiece of the homes as it used to be. Therefore, the living room which usually house the television isn’t as important as before.

Here are some great ways you can repurpose your currently unused living room:

First, figure out exactly what you and your family define as “living” and more specifically “living together”. Consider how your family likes to spend time together and tailor your new living room around that!

For example, if you and your family usually spend time watching movies or Netflix together then hang a big projector to play movies on with a high definition sound system.

Or, if you are all hard workers that spend a lot of your free time working on projects you are passionate about then turn your living room into a collective work space. Make all the power outlets accessible and use the space to spread out work stations with semi-private nooks. That way, even if everyone is doing their own thing, you are still all in the same space together for a particular kind of family time.


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