Craig Sewing Segment: Denise Baker and I Discuss Staging

In my new segment on Craig Sewing’s The American Dream, Jenn Morris came to discuss staging with Denise Baker and me in one of my homes that recently went into escrow. Denise Baker is a home staging expert with the Art of Redesigning who staged the home we spoke with Jenn in. Her staging efforts helped get the house into escrow after only a few weeks!

Staging a house properly is one of the most important things you can do in order to get a house ready to sell. Denise describes staging as getting dressed and ready every single morning. You are presenting yourself in a certain way. You don’t go to a job interview in sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. The same must be done with a house in order to sell it. Especially with everyone mostly searching for homes online in this day and age it is very important to have good photographs of the living space. Would you be more enticed by pictures of a bunch of vacant rooms or by beautifully decorated and furnished rooms? I think the answer is obvious. If a seller can get their house staged properly they can get a much higher price for the house in return.

Jenn Morris asked me about the current state of the market in Encinitas and I told her how we are right in the middle of peak season. Everyone is wanting to get settled before school but next month will quiet down a little bit because of vacations and the nearing of the start of the school year. Of course, the best news of all is that the interest rates are positively incredible right now. They are so good that it would be incredibly more advantageous to buy rather than to rent which is, of course, what I wrote about in my blog post yesterday.

If you missed my segment, then watch the clip because it was a real fun one to shoot!

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