San Diego Loves Real Estate Agent Linda Moore

Linda Moore’s clients have used many adjectives to describe her as a real estate agent in San Diego such as: honest, consistent, forthright, dedicated, intelligent, driven, knowledgeable and professional. These are the criteria that many people looking to buy or sell real estate in San Diego value from Linda.


If you are looking to purchase a home Linda will get it for you. If you are looking to sell your home Linda will be honest with you and make sure that you understand crucial points about the market.  Linda will take the time to listen to your needs and wants and then will take the time to provide you with crucial information necessary for you.


Linda is not the type of person who will gloss over flaws or liabilities of a property in order to scam you into purchasing it and she will just as honestly tell you about the assets and benefits of your property. Linda loves working with people and that is why she is such an extraordinary real estate agent.


Linda Moore is highly respected as a real estate agent in San Diego and that is because she has spent almost 35 years as a member of the community and over 20 years as a real estate agent in the community. People know Linda and Linda knows people, and Linda knows the San Diego area better than almost anyone else residing or working in the area. Linda Moore will get you what you are looking for, whatever it takes.


Let Linda Moore be in your corner with your needs for real estate in San Diego like houses in Encinitas or any other suburb in the area by contacting her today by phone, email or in person!

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