Scrumptious July 4th Dessert Recipes for Your Party!

Fourth of July is coming up quick. You may have plans to host a barbeque party or attend a picnic with family and friends. The menu may already be set, with everything set to be prepared for the big day. But what about dessert?

Dessert concludes the dinner and is often the most anticipated course! Create scrumptious desserts everyone will enjoy while they watch the blazing fireworks. These recipes are easy to follow and take little to no time to make.

  • Strawberry Hand Pies

Pies are a staple American dessert, and this dessert recipe makes 8 round hand pies or 16 half-moon pies. These cute little pies have forked edges and fit right into your hand! The middle is a sweet strawberry filling made from scratch.

  • Chocolate-Cherry Ice Cream Sandwiches

These ice cream sandwiches will have your guests screaming for more! And the best part? They’re so easy to put together. Simply scoop some chocolate cherry ice cream in between two chocolate coated cookies and freeze. Once frozen, dip the sandwiches in melted bittersweet cholate and serve once cool!

  • Chocolate Dipped Blondie Sticks

This mess free dessert is served on a stick and is absolutely scrumptious! The blondies are made from scratch, making them even more delicious. The treats are frozen and skewered with lollipop sticks. Then, they are dipped in either melted bittersweet chocolate or white chocolate. While still hot, dip them again in colored sprinkles or chopped nuts.

  • Strawberry Thyme Lemonade Pops

These refreshing frozen pops are made with fresh strawberries, thyme leaves, and refrigerated lemonade. The strawberries and thyme are mashed into a pulpy concoction, and then mixed with lemonade. This cold dessert is perfect for outdoor parties!

  • Star Studded Berry Tarts

These delicious morsels are perfect finger food. These mini tarts start with delicious crusts that are covered in a sweet pastry cream. The fruit tarts are finished off with blueberries, raspberries, star shaped crust pieces, and powdered sugar.

  • Star Shaped Cookies with Star Sprinkles

These star shaped sugar cookies can be made from scratch or from a box. They are topped with white, red, and blue star shaped sprinkles. That’s it! This cookie dessert is equally easy and delicious.

  • Stars and Stripes Gelatin

This gelatin recipe looks incredible! This dessert may take more time than the others to create, but the result is undeniably amazing. A red and white striped gelatin with a stunning blue star in the middle. Your friends and family will absolutely love this themed dessert.

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