Simple Organization Hacks to Try

Keeping a house well organized may seem like a lot of work, but with the right tools, it can be easy. Once an organizational system is set in place, you’ll be able to clean up in no time. Cut down on time by knowing where everything is and save space by methodically storing items.

Take a look at these simple and unconventional organization hacks. Start maximizing the space you have and learn how to keep your home organized like the pros!

  • Drawer Dividers

Rather than stuffing your intimates and socks into a drawer, fold them to save room. By using several drawer dividers, you can allocate space for your bras, underwear, socks, and more. You can group items by style, color, or even preference. Drawer dividers can also be used to separate tees, tanks, and bottoms—just be sure to use proper folding techniques.

  • Use a File Organizer

Buy some mesh file organizers for your bathroom. You can use them to store your hand towels and washcloths. Simply roll them up and store them vertically. This will save you space and keep your towels clean.

  • Use a Shower Rod

Use a shower rod as a hanging tool under your kitchen or bathroom sink to hang cleaning supplies or extra toilet paper. You could also hang a shower rod by the wall and hang storage baskets that can be used however you’d like.

  • Shower Caddy

Rather than using a shower caddy to hold your bathroom essentials, use it as an accessory holder. You can use the baskets to hold your sunglasses and bracelets while using the hooks to hang scarves or necklaces.

  • Tension Rod

Use tension rods to hang your shoes! In your closet, place two rods parallel to the ground to hold flat shoes. To hold heeled shoes, place the rod by the wall slightly higher than the outer one. This hack even works great for small, tight spaces.

  • Magnetic Makeup Organizer

If you tend to leave your makeup products lying on your bathroom counter, this hack will save you counter space. Buy a frame of your choosing and replace the glass with a metal sheet. The metal sheet could be painted if you so choose. Using a roll of magnet with an adhesive side, just place the sticky end on your makeup and hang from the frame. No more messy counters!

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