Six Designs for Your Ceiling


Let’s be honest, ceilings aren’t the first thing you observe when you walk into someone’s home for the first time. Actually the only time you may glance is when a fire alarm goes off or just the act of lying down or even doing exercises.

However when you’re are looking to sell your home, a great renovation would be treating an older ceiling; whether it may be stained or just be cracked. Also just a fresh coat of paint could not only provide more coziness, but also could give the illusion of a larger room.

If your home was remodeled or built before 1980, the ceiling should be checked for asbestos. These are six contemporary styles of ceiling that could repair before attempting to sell your real estate in San Diego according to This Old House Magazine.

Ceiling Medallion: This style is one of the least time-consuming project, as well as a DIY job. Polyurethane foam from companies such as Focal Point, Style-Mark and Fypon are easier materials to work with unlike the cast-plaster roundels made for remodeling work. The products range in price between $25-85 in lumberyards and home centers.

The ceiling medallion flaunts the beauty of chandeliers and light fixtures, or it could enhance the appurtenance of molding or columns. Smaller renditions of the design would go well in more narrow rooms and hallways.

Pressed-Tin Panel: This style has been one of the more popular ceilings in the last 10 years. The pattern is widely held at high esteem for loft apartments and older homes to complement the age of the San Diego real estate. The style is not recommended for homes that are modern, angular interior or any home with above average acoustical quality.

The panels are sold with many different patterns, and each 2×4 sheet is sold at $18 a pop. Tin cornices, molded fillers and lay-in panels are available for ceilings that are suspended.

Wallpaper: As this action is usually the most tedious, it is the most conducive in any of the styles aforementioned. Not all shaped similar to the next, but with wallpaper you could have many possibilities to design with the amount of patterns and textures offered in the market.

Wallpaper also draws attention to exposed beams, skylights or other ceiling features with a daring color. Prices for wallpaper usually range between $3-180, while these stores usually sell the wallpaper by 26 square feet. Be sure to buy strippable paper because it’s easier to change if you have a change in heart or if you’re planning to sell your San Diego real estate.

Suspended Grid Ceiling: This is great when electrical connections, duct or exposed pipes are visible. With these acoustical tiles, it cost a mere $100 to finish the job using mineral-fiber panels starting at 2×2-foot packages and ranging at as high as 10×12 feet.

These materials are sold at lumberyards and home stores, contain galvanized-steel main beams, hanger-wire screws, wall molding, cross T-fittings and wall-molding screws. It could be burdensome, however this is a DIY job as well, that you may need a second person for.

Layered Drywall: This is usually good for the defining of two rooms, i.e. living and dining rooms. Depending on the arrangement of the furniture, it could be could between fire places and windows as well. This method not only emphasizes architectural impact without obstructing natural light, but it also is good for bolstering the effect of rectangular designs inside the property.  

Paneling: A panel ceiling gives the classic New England cottage look. Plywood panels, solid-wood, tongue and groove board paneling and mineral-fiber planks that imitate wood. An old-fashioned looking product that is used in this style is ply-bead. Per sheet, this will cost about $16-20.

There many different styles that paneling could help complement the look of your home.

Look in to any of these different patterns and styles to provide more character to your real estate in San Diego.

Layered Dry Wall Ceiling

By Linda Moore

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