Declutter Your Home in Encinitas

“Help… my house has too much clutter and I can’t find my out!” While that all too familiar cry is well known in the reality show world inundating today’s television viewer, truth is often stranger and more accurate than pseudo fiction, especially when it comes to prepping a home for sale.  Continuing on my previous blog posts on providing tips for buying a home I now would like to cover the main #1 of some tips for new home sellers – getting that clutter in your house nice and neatly organized.

Most of us have boxes in our basements , garages or even storage lockers that have been with us for several moves. Though out of site can readily turn into out of mind, it’s often the things that find their way into our living spaces that many sellers don’t take into consideration when preparing their homes for sale. Curb appeal is sufficient to get a potential buyer through the door but what will they really think of interior if it speaks too much of the home owner. One thing is for certain, clutter creates confusion. Our memories and the objects that embody those sentimental snapshots in time are personal and it’s critical to remember that a home is being offered to the public. Clutter also reduced the perception of available space that a potential home buyer will see upon viewing your property.
The process of decluttering can be overwhelming but there are several simple tasks that will get you started. Create a written checklist so that you can track your accomplishments, amazingly simple but without it you could easily loose motivation. First take a look at areas where you are already storing items out of sight. Those could be treasure troves for a yard sale or worthwhile donation to charity. By reducing the amount of stored belongings you are actually creating space to house many of your personal effects without adding to your storage space while opening up the living space. Make a a routine check a daily part of your “declutter plan” of all the closets, shelves and drawers that are are subject to holding excess items. Address these on a weekly basis throwing out or recycling those items as appropriate. Some basic guidelines for the all important living space in your home are to begin by re-arranging or minimizing the amount furniture in order to give each room the most open footprint.

Anything bulky such as exercise equipment, should be promptly removed since first impressions are lasting, make sure the entryway or and closets or mudrooms are free from shoes, umbrellas, non seasonal outerwear, and sports equipment. Remove personal photos and memorabilia from walls shelves and curios, so that a prospective buyer can imagine him or herself customizing the environment to their memories. Organize any loose or tangled wires leading to or from computers and electronic equipment.

Take unnecessary kitchen appliances off counter tops keeping only those which are used daily. Dirty dishes in a kitchen sink, even one or two, send a negative message so keep the sink and surrounding area free and clear of any thing including sponges or other cleaning products. If you have a pantry, neatly arrange the items on the shelves and remove any open containers. Although tempting a refrigerator should not be used as collection of your photos, daily reminders or children’s art. Arrange healthy plants that add to the color scheme or fresh flowers that are not likely to quickly deteriorate.

All bedrooms should be checked every morning to ensure beds are made and clothes are put away in closets. In bathroom areas remove any cosmetics, medicines, dental accessories, and hair brushes/products from plain view. Bringing in some scented soaps or decorative towels will help freshen up and add decorative and aromatic touch. The combination of decluttering and refreshing a personal (and proportionately smaller) space such as a bathroom has a noticeably positive effect.

For more ways to further enhance your home in preparation for sale and marketing be sure to contact Coldwell Banker Encinitas Realtor, Linda Moore. Linda intuitively knows how to bring balance and harmony to your home as well as offering professional strategies on accurately pricing and positioning your home in the market.

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