How to Make Your Small Bathroom Both Stylish and Functional

I think most people have that small space in their home or apartment that they have no idea how to design. That space is usually a tiny bathroom. Whether you are in your early twenties and it’s your only bathroom in a tiny apartment or it’s your tiny guest bathroom in your very own home, the dilemma is still the same. How can you decorate a small bathroom without overcrowding it? A bathroom’s point, after all, is to be functional.

When you are working with a small space every single design element should have a specific purpose and be functional. Here are some tips from Fresh Home to make that work:

  • Add storage that showcases pretty items like colorful towels or containers. Use floating shelves or storage ladders. If you have ugly cleaning products, you can hide them behind sink skirts.
  • Pick a palette for your bathroom that is a good neutral color for a base and then on top of that add some pops of color in the form of colorful towels or pretty soap dishes.
  • Try storing those items that you don’t want out in the open like cotton balls and swabs in nice glass jars. Put those on floating shelves so that they don’t take up counter space.


To see some of the great design ideas in picture form, go to the original article here:

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