Solar Power Helps Sell Encinitas Homes Faster

Recent studies have shown that homes with solar powered energy tend to sell 50% faster than homes that are not solar powered. Solar power is not only popular right now but it offers savings that reach far beyond just perceived value.

So, how does solar power help sell an Encinitas home faster? Solar energy systems help to increase the resale value of a home, which provides an added feature to a home for prospective buyers that not every home can currently offer. Solar power decreases monthly electricity bills, which in tight financial times can really be a huge selling point for buyers. Owning a home is seen as an investment, but this adds an immediate savings for the buyer that will entice them to purchase the home quicker. As a clean and renewable source of energy, solar power also appeals to home buyers that are interested in reducing their carbon footprint as well. On top of that, many states and utility companies offer tax incentives for those that use their own solar panels. The current solar power system can also be expanded upon so that the owner could potentially never have to pay for electricity again or even sell electricity to the utility company.

If you are having trouble selling your Encinitas home (if you have it in your budget to do so), try adding a solar power system to your home. As an Encinitas Realtor I will be able to connect you with the best providers of solar power installation in the Greater San Diego area.

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