When’s A Good Time to Sell an Encinitas Home?

There are specific signs to look for to indicate when it is a good time to sell your Encinitas home. Some signs have changed during the last few years and so it is important to stay up to date on the latest trends and information.

The time of year is no longer the best predictor of when to sell your Encinitas home, as spring used to be the beginning of the optimum home selling period, but this has changed significantly. Weather can have an affect on the appropriate time to show a home – as one doesn’t want to show a home during a dark and dreary winter – luckily due to Encinitas’ consistent weather it makes it easier to show a home throughout the entire year.

Consumer confidence is becoming increasingly important during these financial times and the primary factors that you should look at that make for a perfect time to sell a home in Encinitas are: when consumer confidence is on the upswing (which you can measure through various consumer confidence indices); interest rates are low; unemployment is decreasing; the economic news is mild (for example the stock market is improving or steady for a period of time); and there are more buyers in your local market niche than there are sellers. When there is  high-demand and low-inventory in the market, sellers have an edge.

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