Make a Statement with These Bold Paint Ideas

When it comes to painting, most of us choose a pretty color and simply cover the entire walls in one monochromatic finish. But there are plenty of ways to artfully decorate your home and create visual interest with paint. To get the look you desire, with a little effort and no more than one paint color, you can really change the feeling in your room! Whether you’d like a simple accent wall, or a statement making room, you can create awe-inspiring designs with these simple paint ideas.

1. Meet the Room Halfway

Painting half of the walls can create a beautiful color accent. A traditional half-painted wall will have a neat, clean line through the middle on either the top or bottom half. But to add a little flair, don’t make the line as neat. The edge of the paint line can be scalloped, triangle shaped, or even artfully uneven. For clever half-painted ideas, check out these decorating ideas.

2. Color Blocking

Instead of hanging wall décor, turn your wall into the décor! Color blocking provides beautiful geometric design to your house. You can try painting each wall of a room a different color. Or if you prefer a bolder design, use painters tape to create a dozen or more shapes and paint each one a different color or a differing shade.

3. Wall Stenciling

Wall stenciling is one of the easier painting methods, but still striking. There are hundreds of stencils to choose from, and all you have to do is use a roller or flat brush to paint. So whether you want Moroccan tiles, or peonies on the wall, check out Cutting Edge Stencils. They have dozens of stencils to choose from, and helpful stenciling videos.

4. Add Texture

If you like the idea of creating visually interesting walls, but only want to use one paint color, try adding texture! Texture creates dimension to otherwise boring walls. From stippling, to patterned rollers, there are various painting tools for differing painting effects. For a more in-depth look at texturing, check out this helpful video.

5. Stripe It Up

Adding stripes can be geometrically pleasing and statement making. They can be vertical, horizontal, asymmetrical, thin, or wide. The possibilities are endless. Click here for some ideas on color scheme and stripe placement.

6. Faux Molding

Molding is a beautifully classic addition to a room. But rather than installing molding yourself, create some faux eyelet borders or crown molding with paint. This technique isn’t simple and requires precision and planning, but is definitely worth the final result.

There are numerous ways to add color, dimension, or texture to your walls. From complex paint styles, to easy afternoon paint projects, there is no limit to how you can custom paint your rooms. So no matter your design taste, or artistic skill, you can add some beautiful color to your home.

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