Steps to Take When You Are Getting Ready to Sell

The kids are getting older, and they are outgrowing their rooms. When you look around, you are filled with fond memories of when the children were small, and you were a newlywed. The reality: times have changed, and it’s time for you and your family to create new memories in your new home. You decide to sell your house. Before selling, there are a few tips that can help you along the way. Below are four things to consider when placing your home on the market.

#1: Get a Real Estate Agent in Your Area

You’ve heard the saying, “When you don’t know, find those who do.” Real estate agents are experts in the housing market. Whether you need a real estate agent in Encinitas or elsewhere, they are invaluable during this process. They are more equipped to list your home at the correct asking price. Most agents are also privy to the multiple listing platforms available to sellers. If you were to try and list on your own, you would be at the mercy of all the “experts” on the internet. Agents can also guide the staging process, and provide insight on the best ways to navigate an open house. Going without a real estate agent is the equivalent of going to a gunfight ill-prepared. It may cost extra money upfront, but it will likely earn you thousands of dollars extra in the long run.

#2: Choose the Best Time to Sell

Did you know there are certain seasons in the year that benefit sellers more than others? When selling a home it is best to avoid selling in the winter months. This is largely due to the holiday season. Those looking to purchase a home are likely preoccupied with Christmas and Thanksgiving obligations. The best season for sellers to place their homes on the market is in late spring and early summer. There are no major holidays around this time, and borrowers will be deciding how to spend their tax refund.However, in today’s market, you may be able to list whenever you’d like. Talk to your real estate agent about this!

#3: Prepare for the Sale

Now that you have your real estate agent to guide you through this process, and you know the perfect time of year to sell your home, it is now time to stage your home. Have you noticed that you aren’t sure how your style looks to others?  This is because when you are familiar with something, you become blind to how it is perceived by others. Ask someone with a fresh pair of eyes like a friend or your Realtor to analyze your home. They can provide you with honest feedback as to the problem areas that need your attention before you stage your home.

#4: Post Photos

The majority of homebuyers consult online platforms before inquiring about a home. They are typically expecting compelling visual displays of the homes they are interested in. You will need a quality camera and amazing lighting to showcase the best features of your home. Your real estate agent will be able to properly assist you in finding the perfect angels and natural lighting that captures your home’s beauty and functionality. Having visually appealing photos may be the deciding factor for a buyer purchasing your home.

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