What Paint Colors Are Trending?

Certain paint colors go in and out of style. While red walls were all the rage in 2009, times change! Paint colors are a matter of personal preference, as everyone likes to style their home differently. However, some paint colors are trending in 2022! Take a closer look.

Paint Colors that are Trending in 2022

Looking to shake things up and paint your kitchen or living room? Here are some of the most trendy paint colors in 2022 so far:

  • Warm Neutrals: Year after year, neutrals seem to win! This year is no exception. Paint colors that are neutral with a warm tone are very popular. This includes clay colors and soft greys. 
  • Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur: This style tends to pair well with black and gold! If you are into a dark gothic style or regal style, this is the perfect shade that is trending for an accent wall.
  •  Earth Tones: Soft greens, light foggy greys, and misty white colors are trending this season. If you like the color sage, it can be a perfect color accent for a room with neutral tones and furniture. 
  • Vibrant Orange Clay: Pairing with the Earth tone theme, this hue of orange is incredibly popular! It is often paired with a soft peach or a light brown to show off the Southwest Style.
  • White and Chartreuse: These two colors alone may not be trending, but together they are! Use one color as an accent and pair your furniture accordingly with this style. Look for the right pottery pieces as accents for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. 

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