Seven ways to make packing more convenient

It’s time to make that move after you’ve finished making you offer, however you have all of this stuff sitting everywhere. There is a few ways to make the packing process a little bit easier when moving in Carlsbad.

Granted we know how annoying this can be, but with these seven tips according to, you could move a little bit faster and a little bit more efficient.

Don’t procrastinate: That’s easier said than done, but getting a start on things could be a demanding process. Pack a handful of boxes every day even before you’ve found a new home in Carlsbad to live. As long as you pace yourself, the process won’t be as overwhelming.

Pack room-by-room: Don’t mix and match on each room, you should just focus on one area of each room at eat time. Too many items in one box could lead to broken belongings. If you color coat the tissue paper, small knickknacks won’t be lost or displaced.

Label legibly: Do it for each box and keep and write clearly the contents that are in each box as well as the name of the room you took it from. Using color coated markers for each different box will give you clarity on which box is which.

Stay clean: Using packing paper is the better option than using newspaper, because the ink could bleed off onto your belongings.

Boxes designed for moving: The cleanliness of boxes may be compromised if you use a box from groceries or liquor stores. These boxes also may not be able to hold the weight of your belongings, and it could make the loading process more difficult.

Know if you can’t pack it or not: Different items could be hazardous and can’t be moved with your truck. Aerosols, ammunition and guns, charcoal, cleansers containing bleach or ammonia, fertilizer, lighter fluid, nail polish remover, oil or gas, paint cans, pesticides or poisons.  You could be fined for putting this in a moving truck.

Don’t put everything in a box: Items like important papers, legal documents, wills, passports, heirlooms and other valuables shouldn’t be put in a box. Carry it with you from your old home to your new real estate in Carlsbad.

By Linda Moore

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