The Best Cities to Live in Near Encinitas

Encinitas is known for the beautiful downtown center and great surfing spots. The suburb of San Diego has excellent schools and is one of the best places to live in California!

Compared to Encinitas, there are many other cities that are considered the best places to live in near Encinitas:

• Carlsbad: This city is near San Diego and was ranked one of the best cities in American in 2019! The public schools of Carlsbad are highly rated, and the city is known for the secluded South Carlsbad State Beach. The city is a dense suburban town, and many residents own their homes!
• Oceanside: This coastal city is known for Harbor beach and marina shops! It has a reputation of having good food and a bustling downtown. While it is close to San Diego and Los Angeles, you will be able to live beachfront! The cost of living may be higher in comparison to other cities near Encinitas, but the views in the city are worth it.
• Irvine: If you are searching for a small town feel near San Diego, Irvine is it! This small city is the perfect mix of a downtown beach feel and a suburb. While Irvine can feel like a cozy town, it is home to many Fortune 1000 companies. The real estate market is booming!
• Solana Beach: Known for its art scene, Solana Beach is a small part of San Diego County. It is small geographically, but it is known for excellent restaurants and a beautiful Pacific Coastline. The crime rate and traffic are low! There is always something to do in this small city- whether it is hiking, eating out, or the local art scene, you will find something to fill your Friday night.

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