Encinitas Celebrates New Harry Potter Book Release

It has been quite a while since we had a Harry Potter book release party in Encinitas! However, the boy who lived is coming back this Sunday July 31st in a published script of a play that will be performed on London’s West End. There will be release parties at the stroke of midnight all over the world and, of course, we have a few of our very own here in Encinitas. There will be release parties on Saturday night at both Encinitas Public Library and Encinitas’ Barnes and Noble.

The library will be hosting a free late night countdown party where you will be able to get sorted into your Hogwarts house (will it be Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin?!) and go to classes. They will have a Potions class where the kids can make slime, a Transfiguration class where you can learn origami, and a Muggle Studies class where you can play trivia! Costumes are highly encouraged because there will be a costume contest and a photo booth.

Encinitas Public Library

540 Cornish Drive

Saturday, July 30th



Encinitas’ Barnes and Noble will also host a celebration party for the book release. Their party will include costume contests as well but they are also going to have wand-making and Harry Potter trivia. In addition, you can buy the new book right when it’s released!

Barnes & Noble

Encinitas Town Center

1040 N. El Camino Real Drive

Saturday, July 30th



Now you know exactly what you will be doing with the kids this weekend. Or without the kids, I mean hey, Harry Potter is for all ages! It’s going to be a great weekend for book-lovers. Happy reading!


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