The Fall Forecast for the Real Estate Market

The real estate market has completely changed into a seller’s market. This has been an unprecedented shift, but will it stay that way forever?

According to Forbes, things are still going strong for sellers. As the weather cools off, however, the market may cool off as well. While that was not the case for the market in 2020, it may shift towards the end of the fall season once buyer fatigue sets in.

 Although the inventory is not increasing exponentially, there may be less competition in the colder months. This is  dependent on a few factors, including the area the markets reside in. It seems for now, we can expect it to stay in the seller’s favor. While the competition is slowing down in some market areas, it is not the case for all of them.

If you are considering purchasing a home or selling your home, talk to a real estate agent that knows your market well! Across the country, the markets are changing, and a realtor with knowledge of the local market can help you find the best price for your home. 

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