How to Begin Your Home Search

Starting a home search can be difficult without the right resources. In today’s real estate market, you may not know the best way to get started, especially when there is less inventory to work with.

There are a few steps that can make the home buying process less of a headache!

1. Get Pre-Approved: Your first step to finding a home should be to get pre-approved for a mortgage. This step can help you create a budget and expectation for a home, as well as show a realtor you are serious about looking for one.

2. Find Out What Your Needs vs. Wants Are: Another step to starting your home search is to find out what your needs are and what your wants are. Needs cannot be compromised on, but wants can. Needs are often things like a good school district or an HOA, and anything that is a necessity to you.

3. Keep an Open Mind: While you may not love the shag carpet in the living room of an open house you are visiting, make sure you realize that cosmetics of the house can be changed! 

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