Things to do in Encinitas California

There are plenty of things to do while visiting Encinitas California.  The weather is always picture perfect down here in Southern California.  Families and couples love to enjoy themselves in the beautiful sunny weather doing indoor and outdoor activities.  I suggest you visit Moonlight Beach to catch some sun or surf the waves.  You find kids eating snow cones to cool down when it gets too hot.  Moonlight Beach offers free parking and is a long stretch on beautiful beach for fun in the sun.  With stores all over the city shopping never get boring here in Encinitas.  There are quaint shops located near the beaches and restaurants throughout Southern California.  Visit one of the many National Parks or Museums located in Encinitas.  I recommend Stopping by the San Dieguito Heritage Museum and the Quail Botanical Gardens with the family before you have dinner under the moonlight here in Encinitas California.

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