Tips to Declutter Homes for Sale in Encinitas

Whether you are looking to sell a house in Encinitas or are just sick of the nagging feeling you get whenever you walk by that pile of clutter, here are some quick ways to help declutter Encinitas houses.

  • Start Small – One of the reasons people find it so challenging to start tackling the clutter is that they feel they have to do it all in one fell swoop. Sometimes the simplest thing to do is to simply pick a few things and find places for them. Then build a habit of making sure that those items are constantly returned to their designated place.
  • Utilize Vertical Storage –  Many decorators have suggested opening up floor space buy utilizing open cabinets throughout your home and using the tops of those cabinets for your storage as well.
  • Set Aside a Weekend – If you haven’t been able to succeed by making piece-by-piece progress, clearing your schedule for an entire weekend may be the best thing to do. Including your significant other, children, friends, and family (assuming that they are willing to pitch in that is) can help make decluttering more fun.

For further tips on decluttering your home in Encinitas, check out this article from Zen Habits.

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