Six Tips about Negotiating when Selling your Home

When selling your home in San Marcos, you want to get the best deal for what home could sell for on the market. In a reality standpoint, the best deal is where both parties meet in the middle, and don’t feel like they gave up too much to the opposite end.

By letting your Realtor in San Marcos take the lead in negotiating, could better your chances of getting the deal you want for your home. However, be meeting regularly with your Realtor and discuss the progress with him or her for your best interest.

Don’t try to make negotiations on the side with the home buyer or the buyer’s agent just so you could keep the process professional and impersonal.

According to, these are six tips for home sellers in San Marcos:

Avoid Emotional Decision Making: It could be hard to detach yourself from the process when you’re selling your home in San Marcos. The home probably has your design, you may have raised a family or it could be the property you’ve lived in your whole life. Accept this situation as a business endeavor, and try not to touch the offers or comment personally. That’s what your San Marcos Realtor is for.

Rely on the Realtor: You should have a listing agent who represents you, because most home buyers in San Marcos have an agent of their own. If you’ve researched the Realtor, you should be able to trust him or her actions in negotiations. Don’t interfere, because the Realtor has a better idea of what’s going on in the market.

Counter offer: It could be insulting that your home received an offer that you think is a lowball figure. You should acknowledge each offer, accordingly, and mutually with your agent find a respectable and acceptable agreement for both sides.

Pricing: Don’t dwell on the offer price, but make sure your still on the upside of profit from when you originally purchased the home in San Marcos. Negotiate with the price of your home, but keep in mind that it is just as critical to find out that the buyers have financing in place so they can make good on their offer. Repair to the home could be included in the closing costs in addition to a settlement date when sellers and buyers agree.

Find who has the upper hand: Evaluate the local market condition to find out what you need to know about an individual buyer. You may need to be more lenient in negotiations, if you’re a desperate seller in San Marcos. This means that that the buyer has to work faster, which actually could work to your benefit.

Move Quickly: The longer it stays on the market, the less profitable it will be. Even though it may be tempting to wait till the next offer, you have to make a move at some point.

Your San Marcos Realtor should be working closely with you so you he or she could find out your priorities are. Once you could figure that out, you could further move into the process.

By Linda Moore

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