Top 10 Tips for Wowing Buyers

Rob Howard gives ten tips for wowing buyers on If you are reselling your home, then these are the best ways to make it marketable and appealing to potential buyers:

  1. Remove all personal photos because they are just that: too personal. Many buyers get too distracted by pictures of the sellers and their family. It makes the house not feel like a potential home for them.
  2. Highlight your favorite parts or the best places in the house. Do something that will make the buyers want to linger in those places for longer.
  3. Get rid of all things that kitsch and hide anything that might be politically-charged or that expresses particularly strong opinions.
  4. Clean and declutter your house as much as possible. Start packing up early if you need to. Clutter makes a space look much smaller than it actually is.
  5. If you decide that you wish to play music at an open house, make sure that it isn’t niche music. If you do play anything, play something similar to soft jazz and play it very softly.
  6. Make your house smell nice. You don’t have to bake cookies. You can just use a few plug-in scents and perhaps have each room be a little different so it’s almost like a tour of scents not only the house.
  7. Fresh paint is always a good investment but don’t forget to keep the colors neutral.
  8. If you own paints, try to make it appears as if you don’t during tours and open houses.
  9. Put some laser-printed cards on items that will be staying with the house to entice the buyer.
  10. Don’t be standing around. No one wants to look at your home while you are there watching their reactions.

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