It’s a New Year: Time to Purge All Your Clutter

“New Year, New You” is the saying but the best way to reach that goal is to be living in a space that is conducive to your growth. It might be time to remove all your clutter. This great article on Apartment Therapy that lists all the most easily purgeable items that might be laying around your house. Here are twenty of them that you can get rid of right away:


  1. Expired coupons
  2. Old magazines
  3. Expired pantry items
  4. Old clothes
  5. Old/extra/excessive wrapping paper and supplies
  6. Excessive plastic and paper bags
  7. Broken things you’ve been meaning to repair
  8. Old/extra/stained/torn linens
  9. Chipped dishes and mugs
  10. DVDs you know you’ll never watch again
  11. Duplicate kitchen tools
  12. Accessories you haven’t worn in a year or more
  13. Take-out menus
  14. Extra boxes and empty storage containers
  15. Refill for items you no longer use
  16. Expired medication
  17. Expired or comprised bike helmets
  18. Expired cosmetics
  19. Old cell phones
  20. Books that don’t move you or that you haven’t used for reference in three or more years


Check out the original article here:

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