Things to Toss Before the New Year

baskets, clean, colorKitchen Gadgets

More likely than not, you’re going to be doing most of the cooking during the holiday seasons. You’ll be breaking out all the utensils and gadgets that you normally wouldn’t use for a dinner at home on a weekday. It’s also a great time to assess what you are not using. If you find that, by the end of the holidays, there’s dust and some cool machine you thought you would use in your lifetime, it’s probably time to add it to the give-away pile. You can try and sell it, or just donate it.

Expired Supplies

While you’re preparing dishes for your holiday meals and going through every cabinet, check on your spices and baking supplies. They do have expiration dates, and this is the perfect time to give them a look and toss whatever has expired.

Old Holiday Decorations

Once you’ve finished decorating the entire house, inside and out, you need to look at what didn’t make the cut this year. Anything broken like lights or ornaments? It’s time to throw them away. If you have huge, blow-up items you regret buying, see if you can sell it or maybe find a place to give it away. After the holidays are over, label your boxes as you’re filing things back into storage.

Linens & Towels

With all your guests and your house reaching maximum capacity, you’re pulling out extra bed sheets and towels for them to use. There is such a thing as having too many towels and linens. Whatever you find that you don’t use and you’re not even using for your guests means it’s time to throw them out. If you find stains, tears, or ratty blankets, old pillows, or an overall clutter, it’s time to get rid of it.

Old Toys

If you have kids, your family is probably going to get them whatever toys you didn’t buy, or Santa didn’t bring. After the holidays have passed and while the kids are on break, have them look through all their toys to see which they don’t play with anymore, what’s been replaced, or what they’re ready to let go of. If they make a fuss, create the rule for every new toy they get, an old toy needs to go to make room. It’s a great opportunity to teach them about donating what they don’t play with.


You’re probably getting new clothes for the holidays because what else do adults ask for these days? It’s time to reduce the amount of space in your closet by tossing whatever you didn’t wear in the summer and, let’s be honest, what you won’t be wearing this winter. Apply the same rule for yourself – for every new pair of pants you get, an old pair has to go to make room.

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