Creative Holiday Card Displays

Merry Christmas Greeting PhotoToo many holiday cards that won’t fit on the fridge? Use these unique ideas to display your holiday cards for your parties.

Eucalyptus Garland

A more modern look and approach, this idea could bring the fresh smell of eucalyptus into your home. You’ll need a main tree branch, small eucalyptus branches, floral wire, and small clips. Using the floral wire, you’ll wrap a few eucalyptus branches together to create five or six 36-inch-long thin branches. With the floral wire, vertically attach each thin eucalyptus branch to the main horizontal tree branch. Clip the cards onto each mini branch.


Use a set of string, holiday lights to decorate an empty wall area with your holiday cards. You can hang up your lights, then you can use string, clips, or pins to hang your cards from the lights.

Glass Table Display

If you have a table with a glass top, you can display your holiday cards under the surface. Cut out wrapping paper or use ribbon to decorate the surface with festive borders. If you don’t have a glass top table, you can gather an unused frame and use that to display your cards. It can make a great table accent, tray, or other décor item for the house.

Screen Saver

Another way to save room or declutter the holiday cards is to take pictures of them and use them as a screen saver. Simply create a folder or disk with all the holiday cards, then you can create a slideshow as a seasonal screen saver to display on your computer or TV.

Card Tree

Using your holiday cards, you can create different holiday shapes by arranging them on the walls. You can use special magnet stickers found on GoodHangups, or you can use painters tape.

Wrap Your Door

You can use ribbon and your holiday cards to wrap up your door like a present! Simply buy 2-inch wide ribbon and stretch it horizontally and vertically across your door. Tie a bow in the middle and clothes pin the cards to the ribbon.

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