Vacation Homes: Ski Slopes or Beachfront?

As with any vacation home, choosing the right type of home can be challenging! Not only are you picking the exact area and home to be your vacation getaway, but there are other factors to consider: a ski cabin, or a beachfront property?

As the market is now in favor of those on the hunt for new property, here are some tips to help you choose the right home for your hobbies.

Ski Cabins: The Pros and Cons

When considering a ski vacation home, it is important to consider both the pros and the cons of one. While there is not much difference between a ski cabin or ski house, the upkeep of both of them will be similar!

For a ski property, as with any other type of vacation home, you are in charge of the repairs and upkeep yourself. This includes items like snow removal in the winter, yard work, and any type of yard/trash residues that might occur. In addition to these winter hassles, there is also the matter of the usual expenses: mortgage costs and property taxes. When choosing your dream vacation home, make sure you are considering all of the factors that go into being a vacation homeowner.

For some vacation ski homes, many homeowners will choose to be a part of an association that will take care of all of the winter and summer tasks for them. Some homeowners that choose a ski vacation home will also visit the home in the summer for upkeep, as well as hiking trips or a short getaway! Ski homes can often come with a beautiful wood scenery, especially if you are in a more remote area and not close to the resort. To make back some of the costs of owning a vacation home, consider renting your ski getaway on AirBnb, or other sites!

Beachfront Getaways: The Real Deal

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a beachfront vacation home is that you’ll never have to pay for a hotel in that area again! With a beachfront vacation home, you’ll be able to have a place that can help you earn supplemental income when you are not using it. Many beachfront properties can be rented out when you aren’t there during the summer months, and you’ll be able to recoup some of the payments! Homes on the beach tend to retain more value, since oceanfront land is always premium. With a beachfront home, there is always something to do and scenery to explore. Looking for seashells, having family over, or spending holidays in paradise!

While there are many pros to a beachfront getaway, consider the cons! Sand everywhere, and the cost of insurance for hurricanes is very high in some areas. Lots of friends may want to use your property, and paying for any damages can be tough. Before considering which home you want, consider all of the pros and cons- but it is ultimately up to you to decide!

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