Where do you watch Sunsets in Encinitas?

Did you know that Encinitas area is known for some of the best sunset viewing in Southern California? Many “solar sentinels” have voted in some of the most tranquil spots to see the the rays of a sunny day transform into the afterglow of a beautiful setting sun. Among the top contenders for prime viewing of sunsets in Encinitas are: the steps leading to Grandview Beach in Leucadia (Encinitas); at the top of Beacon’s Beach along Neptune in Encinitas; at the top of the stairs at Swami’s Beach in South Encinitas; in the upstairs bar/lounge area sitting at The Beach House in Cardiff. Perhaps the adventurer in you would prefer to be perched at the at the top of Mt. Soledad in La Jolla at the Veterans’ War Memorial Park. Simply sitting on the sand or at a picnic table at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas is a splendid time where you can take in marvelous views; even from the parking lot or observation area.

You are cordially invited to get our of your Encinitas house this evening to check out some of these magnificent and scenic locations. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the evening’s memories! Better still please feel free to share (in the comments section of the blog) some of your personal favorite spots that are not included on the list. We would love to discover what location you name as your number one sunset spot. Whatever you do this evening don’t let the sun go down on you!

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