Waving Goodbye at New Village Arts Theatre

The Encinitas area is far from Hollywood, but does have its fair share of up and coming acting talent. In particular, the New Village Arts Theatre in Carlsbad is an ideal place to catch local talent perform many different creative plays and musicals near your Encinitas home. The theater was founded by a group of New York actors and is on its tenth season. The building was a lumberyard in the 1920’s which makes for a gorgeous 99 seat theater with excellent wood work. New Village Arts Theatre seems to be offering better and better productions as the years go on.

Starting January 13th the New Village Arts Theatre will be showing a play called WAVING GOODBYE. The play is a dramatic story about a teenager’s loss of a loved one and the resulting road of pain, love, and heartbreak. The play, written by Jamie Pachino, has received good reviews from Chicago Magazine and is a highly anticipated production at the New Village Arts Theatre. I recommend stopping by the theater for WAVING GOODBYE, which ends on February 6th. If you don’t make it by then, the theater has many more great works that will be showing throughout the year so don’t worry!

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