Weatherproof Your Patio: 7 Design Tips

Now that it’s the height of summer, most of our entertaining takes place on our porch. Just like our home, we want our porch looking up to date and feeling homey while enjoying the weather. Sometimes the weather gets in the way of those plans, ruining all our cute deco. So, how do we make our porch stylish and able to withstand time? Here are some tips on keeping your porch looking as great as the summer feels!

1. Beware metal

Choose your metal pieces carefully, especially here in California where the ocean is salty. If you must have metal, make sure it’s rust-resistant or treated with Rust-Oleum. Be wary of any screws, frames, or hardware because those will rust and ruin the design, too.

2. Acrylic and high-density plastic is IN!

This clear plastic material looks like glass, but is actually incredibly durable! It’s a great contrast to wicker, rattan, and iron. They come in all different types of colors and even come in recycled high-density plastic products for the environmental friendly folk.

3. Fabric facts

Keywords: waterproof, washable, mildew- and fade-resistant. These are important when looking for outdoor pillows and upholstery. Acetate-based fabrics are durable and you can’t tell the difference from the indoor versions. Make them last longer and watch your forecast for rain.

4. Ceiling fans

Without a breeze, sometimes the humidity is too unbearable to sit outside. Extend the use of your outdoor space with a fan. It cools the air, keeps mosquitoes away, and keeps any barbecue smoke out of the house.

5. Rugs and rugs

Any carpeting made from synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, or acrylic are usually waterproof, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Look for rugs that are 100% polypropylene and the tag says UV-stabilized. For a wooden porch or deck, any coverings made from recycled plastics will trap less water and keep your wood from rotting.

6. The art of sculptures

Choose wisely when it comes to outdoor art because it’ll have to endure some wind and rain. Canvas may suffer, so leaning towards sculptures is the better option. Just like your furniture, remember to choose material that will be rust-resistant.

7. Weigh it down

When the breeze picks up, plastic platters or candlesticks will fly away. Heavy decorative trays, metal lanterns, and stone planters are heavy and will stay in place.

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