Home Improvement Before Selling: Just How Much is Necessary?

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Looking to sell your house? In today’s real estate market, many homeowners are making a fortune doing so. If you are considering the selling process, you might have started to notice the flaws in your house. Old carpet, worn countertops, and peeling windows may be on your mind. Should you replace it, or should you sell it as is? Take a look at what the experts think!

Different Ways to Sell Your House

If you are thinking of selling your house, it is important to know that your upgrades may or may not contribute positively to its value. Pour too much money into renovations, however, and you may spend more than necessary! It’s hard to know just what the right amount is if you are looking to sell your house. Some buyers will not care if the paint needs to be updated, but others will. But if you do too little and your house needs work to attract buyers, your showings may disappoint. 
If you are looking to sell your house, there are three major ways to do it:

  • Sell as-is: This is when you would do nothing to the house. No upgrades, no fixes, just as is. Price accordingly! 
  • Make Select Updates to Market the House: If only a few things need to be fixed to really make the house at a marketable level, this is the way to go. This is just the right amount of effort and money to make your house worth the price for a bidding war.
  • Sell at a Premium: The last option is to renovate the house and sell it above market. Completely update everything to the current market standard to get the most out of the value of your house! This is the most expensive option, however. 

Contact Your Realtor

There are many different ways to sell a house and capitalize on today’s real estate market. But how will you know which one is the right fit for you? While you can take a chance and gamble, there are other options. Consult your Realtor and see what they recommend! You may have more options than you might think. Let your agent walk through the house and see what needs to be updated, if at all. 
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